Saturday, January 2, 2010

Instructions on how to comment

I thought since we are still waiting for the rain to stop and have time to kill, I'd post some quick instructions on how comment on the blog. A few people have mentioned to us that they've tried but couldn't figure it out...

We have been receiving nice e-mails from people so don't feel obligated to comment, but if you want, here are the instructions.

If you're on the main blog address, each post has a comment link on the bottom. Click the circled area as shown below:

This brings up the comment page (or if you're already on an individual blog post page, you'll be here already). Type your comment in the provided box, and then most people will want to go to the "Comment as" drop down box and select Anonymous from the list:

Of course, don't forget to say who you are so we know who left the comment. (You can use the other choices on this list if you want, but if you're using these you probably don't need any instructions.) Then select Post Comment. This will bring up a "Word Verification" step:

Type the "word" in the box and select Post Comment again. Simple!

Thanks for reading and keep the e-mails (but not the police) coming!

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  1. Hi Thought I'ld give it a try. I love following your trip. Can'nt wait to go to Asia. Love you lots Mom


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