Tuesday, July 21, 2009

35 Peaks

When I turned 35 last April I decided to set a goal of trying to climb 35 peaks before my 36th birthday. I love to hike, and I knew we'd be taking an extended road trip in the late Summer/Fall so I thought finding peaks to hike would be a great way to add fun excursions to our trip.

Jaimee and I were already planning on climbing Mt. Whitney in California and with a copy of this book (apparently it's out of print, so , I'm glad I have a copy) I thought it would be fun to climb some state highpoints along the way.

State highpoints I have in mind are Mt. Whitney, of course, plus if all goes well, the highpoints of Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and possibly Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, New Jersey and New York. I won't get ahead of myself with all sorts of planning, and I suppose I should save some for when I turn 50 and I can set that as a goal to hike all 50 state highpoints! (I'm sort of kidding.)

But, as far as the "35 peaks" project goes, any peak or mountain counts toward the goal, as long as it's some sort of highpoint. Here's a map of the peaks so far. I'll keep this map updated so check back. You can also check the picasa photo album (or watch the embedded slideshow below) which I'll add to as I go along. Additionally, I'll post individual entries for each peak with pictures and commentary. Because I know everyone is so interested in this goal of mine...

View 35 Peaks in a larger map

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