Thursday, April 15, 2010

The End is Now in Sight

We're having fun in Hampi, which we'll post about soon, but we have big news that deserves its own blog post: we booked our tickets to return to the United States!

We will fly into Boston's Logan International Airport on June 10th at 6:25 PM. You can now mark your calendars and stop asking us when we'll be back.

After much searching of plane tickets and inquires into the use of frequent flyer miles we ended up booking tickets on Iceland Air. In searches they came up the cheapest and we were able to include a four-day layover in Iceland which will be a nice finish to our trip (outdoor saunas anyone?). Plus, it will be close to the summer solstice so it will be fun to have super-long days.

Additionally, we booked our tickets out of India. We leave Mumbai April 25th for Cairo, Egypt, where we have a six day layover before heading to Istanbul, Turkey on May 1st. Since our Boston tickets leave from Frankfurt, Germany on June 6th, that means we'll have a little over one month for Turkey and Europe. This is shorter than we'd hoped, but we'll make it work.

Some might be thinking we're coming back sooner than expected, which is sort of true. We decided to come back to the US in June for several reasons:

  • My sister is expecting my first nephew (her first child) in early June and I wanted to be back to welcome him into the world
  • Jaimee's brother is graduating from High School and we wanted to be back to celebrate
  • Jaimee's cousin is getting married the same weekend as the High School graduation
  • My Aunt & Uncle are vacationing in Martha's Vineyard the first weekend we get back so we thought a vacation from our vacation would be a great way to re-acclimate to the USA.
  • Our trip isn't really over until we start working again, which if we have anything to say about it won't be for a few more months!
We've updated the finances page and calendar page with this new information. Check those out if you're curious as to what our flights cost.

This is all very exciting, but a little sad too in that we now have an end date for our trip. It's been amazing so far, and we do have close to two months left which I'm sure will have many more adventures!

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