Friday, August 19, 2011

craft craft Leroux

Well, I guess now I am "craft craft Martin" but somehow it doesn't yet sound the same to me...

I have been very excited to knit and crochet lately. I can only work on small cool projects because of the heat, but I've got many going now.  I'm actually feeling stressed about it. There's too many projects going at once. And, because I have to keep all of the proper sized needles and hooks with the unfinished projects because I would never remember which goes where whenever I might finally get back to the project, I'm finding that the number of projects I can start is seriously limited.  (maybe that's a good thing)

craftiness in progress...

I've started a new craft blog, hoping that by writing about my projects and posting some photos of them, I'll be more motivated to get some of them complete before starting in on new ones. 

My yarn basket runneth over, and I must get this stuff done!

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