Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Trunk is Gone

This was the big pine tree that shaded our apartment and hid our ugly building. It needed some trimming sure, to get it off the roof and get the ragged branches on the bottom cleaned up. But our landlady decided to have it removed.

The neighbors were all very upset. The man across the street even called the police. Today an inspector from the city came and took photos of the totem pole and brush piles in the front lawn. He told me he would report the brush piles to the department in charge of pick up (Look out Daniel). He also said that it was convenient that our landlady works for the city as it will make it easier for her to pay her fines and get the permits necessary to replace the tree she has removed. I kind of liked the sound of that part.

Later today the tree guy came back to cut up the trunk, which we had nicknamed "The Totem Pole." He worked by himself for about 2 and half hours and did not fall out of the tree this time. There is not much left of our tree, in its tree form, that is. The brush piles are much bigger now and instead of mini pine cones we can now drag saw dust into the apartment. It is all very sad.

And, though it does not matter too much, since we are moving out of our apartment on Saturday anyway, it is much warmer in here now. I know there is a heat wave on, but the sun is pouring in the front window and warming up the place. It makes packing a bit sticky. Only 4 more days until we are homeless vagabonds!

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