Friday, July 24, 2009

Ax Happy Hour

Following up on the previous post, we went to Happy Hour with some some friends and came back to a sad sight. That totem pole in the photo below is our former tree.

As we got closer we saw that all of the downed limbs are now on the ground. There's one pile in front of my car and then too huge piles behind my car. Apparently my landlady didn't want to pay for the "Arborist" to remove them as that is "too expensive." You notice that I wrote Arborist in quotes...that is because he fell out of the tree. And then left. With all of the limbs in front of our apartment. Until Monday.
I moved a bunch of the limbs by pushing and jamming them so that we could walk in and out of apartment. The whole building is up in arms. Chung, the landlady says she will hack up the limbs and trunk and put them in the yard waste. For our whole tree. It is going to take years, and this from a woman who can't remove the two beater cars dumped in the driveways or the quarters from the laundry machines before they jam up majorly. I was stressed about packing and moving out of this place before, but this whole episode has only gotten me more excited for our departure and adventure (and a little tempted to not leave the apartment in "move in condition," what ever that might mean to our crazy landlady)!

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