Friday, July 24, 2009

There Goes The Neighborhood!

I arrived home today from a 7 hour drive from Idaho to visit my mom at her new home. It was a long ride, but uneventful and sunny. I struggled through a little traffic on I-5 and then got in every red light between I-5 and our apartment (except for the Fremont Bridge one). I pulled up to the apartment just as the grungiest green pick up truck stalled out and collided with our front sidewalk strip. The driver rolled down the window and asked if I lived here. I assumed he wanted to use the phone since his truck did not seem to be in working order, but it's sadder than that. He told me that he was going to be sawing the giant pine tree down that sits in front of our apartment. It's an old tree, probably one of the oldest in the neighborhood. It is the tallest tree that can be seen from our walk way. It is a favorite for local cats and squirrels and it hides our ugly apartment building.

Here's a photo of the tree just as the guy started to chop limbs off the tree.

I'm sad that the tree is coming down. Mollie, our upstairs neighbor fought Chung, our deadbeat landlady to keep this tree for the local animals for years. Mollie died in May and now her apartment and ours are up for rent. I guess Chung is taking this opportunity to do some work around here.

Here's the link for google street view. Our tree is right there, forever, or until Google cruises down the street again with its camera crew.

View Larger Map

Take that Chung!


  1. You must be some kind of wizard...setting up this blog situation with some type of GPS tracking device. It's banannas! I can't even wrap my brain around it! Sorry about your tree...that stinks. Love you, xoxoxo, Nikki.

  2. Why in the heck would they want to chop down that tree!? Seems to me she has some more pressing issues to attend to before thinking about undertaking something that weird! She definately is off her rocker. Soon you'll be out of there...


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