Monday, July 20, 2009

Garage Sale

We had a garage sale last Saturday, and I'd call it a success. We piled all our stuff for sale in our living room before we moved it outside:

Here's Jaimee setting it up on our sidewalk lawn strip:

Here's a shot of our books for sale:

Most of our larger items actually sold. These included a dresser, a book case, a sewing machine, bike rack, two printers and some coolers. We also sold our old sleeping bags and some camping gear (including a backpack I'd had since 1992!). We also sold a lot of books and our three boxes of CDs were a big hit with shoppers. It felt good to get rid of stuff and we made over $250. We're still trying to get rid of the TV and stand (dealing with craigslist people is driving me kind of crazy) and we also need to sell Jaimee's 2004 Honda Civic (any buyers?)

Everything that didn't sell that day fit into one wagon load to Goodwill. Most of the rest of the stuff in our apartment is spoken for; we already have buyers (takers) for our bed, bedside table and lamps and the rest of our bookcases. We're holding on to our couch for now, but eventually we'll need to get rid of that too, although I think we'll probably just give it away for free. In the end we should only be shipping about a dozen boxes or so.

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  1. Wow, $250 is a pretty good take for a garage sale.

    P.S. This blog sucks - it making me sad because you are leaving! :-(


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