Thursday, August 27, 2009

Crater Lake

From Bend we traveled about two hours south to Crater Lake National Park. We went there two years ago on a big road trip we took visiting western National Parks. When we visited last time we camped backcountry along the Pacific Crest Trail away from the actual lake. This time we camped in one of the park's campgrounds for two nights.

We also took a boat tour of the caldera lake including a visit to Wizard Island. We had amazing weather, we climbed three peaks and had a very nice time visiting pretty much all parts of this great park. We left Crater Lake and traveled to San Francisco where we're staying in a few different places visiting friends before we head out to the Mt. Whitney area in preparation for our climb next Tuesday.

Here's a slideshow of our stay in Crater Lake:

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful - the color of the water is unbelieveable!

    I know it's a while away, but when you guys are in Santa Fe, you have to eat breakfast or lunch at the French Pastry Shop. Great crepes and sandwiches.


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