Monday, August 10, 2009


All of my teacher friends are going back to work soon. They've been talking about it for a while now and I've been pretty happy about my new positions as "unemployed" and "traveler." We talk about the students, the schedules, the meetings. I've been totally content to reminisce and even wonder about the year to come with them. I am thrilled about my plans for the coming year. I am especially excited about the adventure that I'm about to begin with Asa!

And, until today, I've managed to stay out of the stores that remind me of the season.

One of my favorite times of year is Back To School Time. I've even been known to send greeting cards in celebration of this season. I've always felt excited about the classes I'll be taking (high school, college, and grad school) and the classes I'll be receiving (new students, older students, and support staff). I plan my outfit for Fall Picture Day. I even get myself so worked up that I have at least one Back To School Dream/Nightmare each August.

Today I ran into the department store to buy some yarn to finish a crocheting project for a friend that is having a baby. Right there at the entrance was a giant Back To School display of all of items that make the season so much fun. New markers, pens, book bags, glue sticks, notebooks, locks for lockers, lunch boxes...they were all there, right by the door. It totally shocked me. All of that stuff was there, and I didn't need any of it! I instantly got a bit sad and mushy. I walked up and down the rows of school materials, just seeing what was available for students and their teachers this year. It was this same shock in 1999 that prompted me to go to grad school. I loved Back to School and I still do.

I ended up buying a 50 cent notebook for my purse. I'll need it during our trip and it fits in the little sock monkey notebook jacket that I already have.

I'll be shopping for Back To School next Fall. Knowing that I have this wonderful trip to adventure through will help me wait. But, I do want to wish good luck to all of you Back To School shoppers!


  1. I always enjoyed Back to School time too, of course I've only viewed it as a student. I'm excited about our adventure too!

  2. Jaimee-
    I am sure going to miss our back to school girl happy hours :(
    Miss you already!

  3. This is what we should have talked about at the administrator meeting today instead of the vision and mission! You captured the season eloquently and made me more energized to begin work in my new building :) Thank you, Kendrah

  4. You are just too damn cute. I am going to miss you so, SO much! You put the fun in going back to school!!!

    I'm so happy (and jealous) for you though. What a great way to go. You'll have so many great experiences. Can't wait to hear all about 'em. I know that you'll keep us updated:)

    Love you!


  5. Well said, Jaimee! Maybe on your travels you will see 'back to school' stuff in other parts of the world. I'm so excited for you and Asa and this Big Adventure. I'll be looking for your updates and photos. --Erin

  6. Wow, you are such a teacher! :-P

  7. I am jealous because so far I have spent almost $100 on supplies. Regardless, I do love new supplies and back to school and also plan my school picture outfit from head to toe.

  8. Oh Jaimee, I knew there was a reason we got along so well! I already have started thinking about my back to school outfit:). Back to school supplies for Mathew and of course for me is a must! Have safe journies. Love you:)
    Jennifer (and Mathew)


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