Friday, August 21, 2009

Kamiah, ID

After backpacking in the Enchantments, we continued east a few hundred miles to Kamiah, Idaho. Jaimee's Aunt, Uncle and mom live there. They live along a river on a sort of farm with a large garden and 35 chickens! Jaimee's Aunt keeps these chickens as pets (although she does eat, sell or give away the eggs) and has several different breeds, including:


Polish Crested

Red and Black Sex Links

The chickens have a fancy coop which used to actually be a person's house:

(That's the neighbor's dog Ginger in the picture).

While in Idaho we also floated in the river to cool us down from the heat (it was in the high 90s) and we went to the Idaho County fair in Cottonwoods. It was a pretty small fair but we got to see some animals, watch some lambs get judged and had fresh curly fries. They "curled" entire potatoes and fried them fresh:

Maybe not the most healthy thing in the world, but I suppose, when in Idaho...

We also went on a hiking adventure where we climbed two peaks.

Overall, we had a very relaxing few days in Kamiah. We leave tomorrow for Bend, Oregon. We've arranged to stay with some couchsurfers there and on Sunday we plan on climbing South Sister, a 10,000 foot mountain in Central Oregon near Bend.

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