Saturday, August 29, 2009

San Francisco Part II

After visiting my friend Lisa in Marin county and touring the city of San Francisco, we next went to Berkeley for a stroll around the town and University of California campus. We loved the town (although I think the University of Washington campus is prettier) and loved to see all the people biking. Then we went to visit the Keynote Systems headquarters in San Mateo, the company who I'd worked for in Seattle for the past two years. Being that it was a Friday afternoon there weren't very many people around, but my former co-worker Herman was kind enough to tour me around a little.

Then we went to the charming town of Los Gatos to visit my high school friend Tim and his wife Nora. The town is really quaint and Tim and Nora were excellent hosts. We had a wonderful dinner and immensely enjoyed chatting and hanging out for the evening. They live on a wooded road right outside of Los Gatos and their house could have easily been found in Vermont.

Although we'll be seeing lots of different places on our trip, to me, it's more about the people. I'm not being very good about getting pictures of all the people we're staying with on the way, but I'm really enjoying visiting the people along the way.

We also decided on our first trip scheduling change. Originally we'd thought we'd take a trip to the Channel Islands off the coast of Southern California but after looking into the logistics of it we decided we're going to instead spend the next week in the Sierra mountains. We were already planning on climbing Mt. Whitney on Tuesday, but now instead of heading right back to the coast after the climb we're going to stay out there until after Labor Day when we'll then head to LA to visit another old friend.

So, we probably won't update the blog in the next week, but you can check our Spot page to know where we are. We'll update it at least once a day with our new location.

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