Friday, September 18, 2009

5,000 miles and a break-in

We have now traveled just over 5,000 miles and are staying with my Aunt Debbie in Santa Fe. This morning we went on a hike of Atalaya Mountain (peak #26) and when we came back our car had been broken into! They smashed the drivers side window and stole Jaimee's purse which had her wallet, checkbook, phone, etc.

We canceled the credit cards and suspended the phone so it appears that no lasting damage is done. Unfortunately, no one in Santa Fe can repair the window until Monday morning and since it's raining off and on here we put a garbage bag in the window.

I think it looks pretty classy (the blue painting tape adds a nice touch):

Apart from the break-in, the first 5,000 miles have been great. We'll be hanging around Santa Fe this weekend, visiting with my Aunt and cousin.

Here's the summit picture of our hike up Atalaya Mountain:

It's a great hike, just remember to not leave anything valuable in your car if you go...

1 comment:

  1. That sucks, poor EST! :-(
    Really sorry to hear about the break in, what a bummer. Glad everything else is still going well. Another peak down...only 9 to go!


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