Monday, September 21, 2009

Santa Fe

Despite one bad incident involving the car, we had a wonderful time in Santa Fe. Overall it was very relaxing. We spent a lot of time visiting with Asa's Aunt Debbie and cousin Jessi, as well as seeing a few sights of Santa Fe. We went out for a really nice dinner with Debbie and her boyfriend Paul and the next day when we went to the Farmer's Market we saw the owner of the restaurant buying produce. We also went to the Flying Star bakery/coffee shop for outstanding desserts.

The Santa Fe farmer's market runs from 7AM to Noon, a time that would never work in Seattle (Seattlites don't get up that early on the weekend, unless it's to go hiking :-), but seemed to work really well here. Of course, selling wonderful pastries and coffee helps. The market was packed with vendors selling all sorts of food and produce.

We also visited Canyon Road, a street that contains lots of art galleries and sculpture gardens. Most of the items were out of our price range but it was fun to look. People watching along this road was good too. We got to see our first sample of "texas hair" as many of the people along this road seemed to be visiting from Texas (based on the car license plates).
Although we enjoyed seeing these sights, mostly we enjoyed hanging out with Debbie, Jessi and Paul. We shared some meals, played some Scrabble and watched some movies.

Now we're waiting for our car window to get fixed and then we're heading Southeast to Carlsbad Caverns National Park. Depending on when we get there today we will spend one or two nights before heading to Texas.

Click below to see the rest of our photos from Santa Fe, including pictures of my cousin's hand-built house!
Santa Fe

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  1. I wish we had some locals to show us where to go when we were in Santa Fe for a day last fall!


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