Saturday, September 12, 2009

Los Angeles

We spent the past few days in Los Angeles, doing a lot of walking around Jed and Mona's neighborhood and driving around to see parts of the city. We also went to a Mariner's game in Anaheim.

There is a park just outside the apartment where "everyone" in LA goes to hike. We went up there and from one of the little peaks up the canyon we had a pretty good, if somewhat smokey, view of the Hollywood sign. We went up there a second time during our stay and saw a horse and a goat named Chucky. Chucky seemed a bit upset about having to hike with all of the people and dogs of LA. The views at sunset were also very nice from this hill.

We drove to Santa Monica and Venice. The beaches were empty, but it was a weekday. There were a lot of shoppers along the "Boardwalk" and we did get to see a cute little canal that ran through the city.

We also ate at a couple of delicious restaurants and enjoyed spending time with Jed and Mona. We drove to Tucson yesterday, spending the day driving east. Our ride went pretty smoothly and we saw a nice sunset in the rear view mirror. We also got to watch a lightning storm off in the distance.

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