Tuesday, September 8, 2009

San Diego

We left Joshua Tree and continued to San Diego. We stayed with our friend Jennifer who was gracious enough to host us even though we only gave her a few days notice! Jennifer had a really cute bird, Nugget. It reminded me of when Jaimee and I first met; her roommate had two birds. Nugget was a little quieter than the birds Jaimee used to live with, but Nugget still craved attention.

We were only in San Diego for two nights but we managed to see a lot of the major sites. We went to the Del Coronado Hotel, saw La Jolla and the beaches north of there, and went to Ocean Beach closer to the city. San Diego is a beautiful city, and you certainly can't beat the weather.

Then, on our drive to Los Angeles we stopped at Lego Land!

This was not a planned stop, but when we saw the sign for it on the side of the highway I thought it would be fun to stop. Unfortunately, it cost $65 per person to get in, plus $12 to park! What a rip-off. However, they have a "shopper's pass" where you can enter the park for one hour. They take an imprint of your credit card, and if you're not back within an hour they charge your card the price of admission. In this case, if we weren't back in an hour they were going to charge $130 for the two of us. Also as part of the "shopper's pass" if you buy $20 worth of Legos they reimburse your $12 parking fee. Sooooo...we ran around the park for an hour taking pictures like mad and I'm now the proud owner of a Boba Fett Lego keychain. (I also got some Lego refrigerator magnets for when we have a fridge again.) Since I'd decided to pay the $12 for parking this was like getting $20 worth of stuff for $8; what a bargain! Although the hour time limit made for a nerve-wracking tour because the park is huge and we tried to see everything in one hour. And, my purchases were actually $19.98 before tax so then I worried that they wouldn't reimburse me the $12 because of the two cents, but it turned out not to matter. Legoland is cool, although I'm not sure it's worth $65. The price didn't seem to deter too many people, as it was quite packed.

Here's the slideshow of all the San Diego pictures:

Now we're in Los Angeles until Friday morning. We're actually cat sitting for an old friend of mine who used to live in Seattle. We have an apartment to ourselves in Hollywood. Pictures and blog posts to follow.

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