Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Seattle of Texas

Although I've loved many of the places that we've visited so far, Austin, Texas is probably the first where I could easily see myself living. It's awesome here, but it could be because it reminds me of Seattle in so many ways.

We're visiting Jaimee's friends Karisa and Norman, who run a Muffin Trolley called Taste No Evil Muffins. It's definitely worth a stop if you're ever in Austin.

One of the many similarities between Seattle and Austin is their love of festivals. It was a weekend so there was a big festival, which is exactly how Seattle is in the summer; every weekend there is something going on. We happened to catch the Pecan Street Festival, Pecan Street being the other name for 6th Street downtown. It was a big street festival with crafts, food and music. Despite the 90+ degree heat with high humidity, it was fun to walk the festival and see all the people enjoying the fair.

Another similarily between Seattle and Austin is all the people enjoying the outdoors. We took a walk around "Town Lake" and again, despite it being in the 90s with humidity (it rained hard later in the day) the trail was packed with walkers, runners and bikers.

Austin also has great food. We ate at the Bouldin Creek Coffee house for dinner one night, and another afternoon had Texas Martinis - essentially a margarita in a martini glass with an olive. Super yummy!

Overall Austin is a great town, and if for some reason our move to Boston doesn't work out, I could see moving here instead! Although the humidity is kind of a bummer. But, like the rain and clouds in Seattle, if the heat and humidity keeps "Austin weird" then bring on the humidity!


  1. We had such a great time with you guys and as I'm watching you pull out of the parking lot of the muffin trolley I am definitely sad to see you go. We are so excited for your adventures. You two are a total inspiration. Please come back and visit Austin, The Muffin trolley and US real soon...well when you get back anyway.
    Much love. K

  2. Wow, the last place I would have guessed you would discover a Seattle-like town is Texas! Sounds decent from your descriptions...any place with a muffin trolley must be pretty great. Besides, "90+ degree heat with high humidity" describes our last summer in Seattle, or a few weeks of July anyway.

    For the record I was getting concerned when you didn't post for a week too, but I was busy baking an apple pie using apples from our backyard and the pie shells you foisted upon me during your move. :-P

    And Spot said you were "ok"...would it place an "SOS" marker on the map if you hit the emergency button?

  3. Karisa - thanks again for everything. We hope to come back to visit soon!

    Daniel - I'm glad you were concerned. And Yes, if we hit the Help or 911 button on our Spot it would record that. Hopefully, it won't come to that though :-) Jaimee wants to know if you did a lattice top on your pie?


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